Grant Facility

The CBNRM EDA Projects grant facility funding will be provided to the beneficiaries (gazzetted communal conservancies and community forests) through three (3) investment windows, namely; Climate Resilient Agriculture, Climate Proof Infrastructure and Ecosystem Based Adaptation.

Climate Resilient Agriculture

Projects funded with grants under this window will address the direct or indirect impacts of climate change on agricultural production in the CBNRM areas, could target livestock and crop production. The Projects will focus on transformational responses that feature shifts towards innovative resilient farming techniques such as conservation/climate smart agriculture, as well as technological improvements.

  • Conservation agriculture
  • Use of drought and heat tolerant crops
  • Change farming practices to conserve soil moisture and nutrients, reduce run-off, and control soil erosion.

US$ 2,200,000.00 for 6 grants, 37 000 beneficiaries

Climate Proof Infrastructure

Projects funded with grants under this window will address the need for disaster risk reduction through the incorporation of initiatives that increase the climate change resilience of settlements, the people living in those settlements and the infrastructure on which they depend.

  • Rehabilitation of existing earth dam
  • Rainwater harvesting infrastructure
  • Solar powered boreholes

US$ 1,400,000 for 15 grants, 56 000 beneficiaries

Ecosystem - Based Adaptation

Projects funded with grants under this window will link biodiversity and ecosystem conservation to rural development, through an integrated ecosystem management approach to enhance resilience and maintain ecological functions and services at the landscape scale. The Projects will provide a new landscape paradigm to maximise the adaptation benefits of ecosystem-based pathways such as improvement of connectivity of CBNRM areas.

  • Improving wildlife corridors
  • Fire management practices
  • Restoration of wetlands

US$ 4,900,000.00 for 12 grants, 36 000 beneficiaries